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enlightening. hey, bro. or engaging. conversations help us learn and grow. at wells fargo, we believe you can never underestimate the power of a conversation. it's this exchange of ideas that helps you move ahead with confidence. so when the conversation turns to your financial goals... turn to us. if you need anything else let me know. [ female e announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far. >> scandal hits a nationally known high school in hyattsville. dematha high school football players accused of hiring prostitutes after a football game. >> a district heights police
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officer off the street this morning after he shot a theft suspect. >> thought you might not be ready for diplomacy with beijing if you cannot visit the in olympics without insulting our closest allies. >> president obama with sharp words for mitt romney when it comes to foreign affairs. good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. we made it to friday, september 7. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. let's get started with adam caskey. >> 5:01. we do have patchy fog developing especially west and northwest of washington. anywhere that arraigned yesterday, you have a high likelihood of fog this morning.
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65 in woodbrige along with waldorf. 70 in fairfax. silver spring, 68. 72 and reagan national. berdi uniform temperatures. 90 this afternoon. it's a coin to be warm and muggy. that will be short-lived. we have a big change is coming the pike this weekend. i will talk about that in the next couple minutes. now to angela. >> happy friday. 270 still looks very nice, especially southbound. 95 and the b-w parkway out of laurel both moving well. moving at posted speeds. virginia motorists are having a pretty easy time. we have lifted all the overnight work zones on 95 making your way up to springfield. you should not have any delays. 395 is wide open northbound and southbound. between the beltway and the 14th street bridge, that is.
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happy friday. >> authorities checking for damage on the west coast after to be earthquakes. one of them in los angeles and another in china. in the chinese quake, 43 people were killed. 150 more injured. a 5.6 quake in southwest china. the one in los angeles was 3.4. it struck around 9 miles west of downtown los angeles, no reports of injury. >> another big story, trouble off the field for dematha a high-school football players. >> they are accused of hiring prostitutes after a game in north carolina. jummy olabanji is live outside the school this morning in hyattsville. >> good morning. reports that the incident happened just a week ago last friday when the team traveled to north carolina for their season opener. the washington post is reporting five players involved in this incident have all been removed from the football team. a parent of one of the players
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told the went on line and hired three prostitutes from a call service in the carolina. reports say after the final bed check was done around 4:00 in the morning they escorted the prostitutes into the hotel and some of them engaged in sexual activity with the prostitutes in one of the hotel rooms. all the players involved are minors. the washington post reports two of the players withdrew from the school this week, two others recommended for expulsion, and a fifth player faces disciplinary hearings this morning. it's not clear how the team and the school found out about this incident. when contacted by the washington post, the principal and the head football coach declined comment. reporting live in hyattsville jummy olabanji. >> the presidential candidates and their running mates are on the campaign trail today
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following the end of the democratic national convention in charlotte. >> president obama hoping he can build on this speech with positive news from the jobs report this morning. now the latest. >> ♪ don't stop thinking about tomorrow ♪ >> we will try to get back to ed in a few minutes. this was one night after bill clinton spoke. clinton beat the republicans and the nfl in the ratings. >> more than 25 million people to london for the convention between 2:00 p.m. at 11:00 p.m. on wednesday. -- tuned in. just over 20 million people were watching the season opener between the cowboys and the giants during that hour.
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21.9 million people watched paul ryan. a d.c. police officer who was heard making threats against michelle obama will not be charged. >> the d.c. police chief says the officer could still be disciplined for violating the department's code of conduct. >> it is 69 degrees. >> still ahead the receipts are in for august from maryland casinos. find [ male announcer ] with
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>> in prince george's county a district heights police officer has been placed on administrative leave after the shooting the theft suspect. brianne carter is live at police headquarters with more. >> steve, investigators will be looking into what led to this police involved shooting. on thursday afternoon and district heights police officer arrested a suspect for the theft of a motorcycle. police say the officer identified as sgt johnny riley discharged a weapon to prevent kalvin kyle from escaping
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custody. he was shot in the back and was taken to the hospital. it's not clear if there was a struggle between the two. very few details released about what happened prior to the shooting. the sergeant has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. the suspect was taken to a local hospital. authorities will be looking into what led to all of this. reporting live, brianne carter, abc 7. >> thanks so much. the presidential candidates and their running mates on the campaign trail today following the end of the democratic national convention in charlotte. >> president obama hoping he can build on this speech with positive news from this morning's jobs report. >> president obama took to the stage at the democratic national convention in charlotte to accept his party's nomination. >> i'm asking you to rally around a set of goals for your country, goals in manufacturing, energy, education, national security and the deficit.
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real, achievable plans that will lead to new jobs, more opportunity, and we build this economy on a stronger foundation. that's what we can do in the next four years. >> from the's campaign reacted saying "the offer will promises, but he has not kept promises he made a four years ago. americans will hold president obama accountable for its record. they know they are not better off and that it's time to change direction." president obama and vice president biden's along with their wives return to the campaign trail today with events in. new hampshire and in mitt romney as events in the same two states today while his running mate paul ryan campaigns in nevada. romney spent several days at this house in vermont this week preparing for the first presidential debate soft in october, october 3. ed paine reporting. >> here's adam caskey. >> happy friday.
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>> it is a little foggy out there. the low-level moisture from the rainfall translates into fog. the daylight is dwindling and nights are getting longer. that adds to date it fogfog potential. reduced visibility in manassas, down to five miles. it will drop a little more over the next hour. it is 66 at dulles airport,. 68 fairly uniform numbers. 74 in annapolis along the potomac. 90 this and you'll notice the humidity in the air with a slight chance of late date thundershowers. that's a 20% chance. most of us will remain dry today. a different story tomorrow. we start saturday sunny but there will be areas of rain by the afternoon. much more profitable by sunday. angela, happy friday. >> off to a great start on the
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commuter especially around the beltway. not seeing any delays or. or if you are traveling on the north side of the beltway there's a new traffic pattern that may slow you down for a moment as you make your way through the four corners and college park area. there's the ongoing work zone between university and new hampshire. the new traffic pattern divides the lanes three lanes to the right and one lane to the left. all lanes are getting by. the new traffic pattern starts this week -- started this week. no major delays in that area. traveling around the beltway in virginia looks pretty good as you make your way through the springfield area, heading on the inner loop to annandale and passing gallows road moving along at posted speeds. back to you. >> thank you. 5:13 on this friday morning, 69 degrees. >> the west nile virus has killed a second person in our region. what city
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>> a former foster democratic chairman will be sentenced today on child sex abuse charges. copartner was found guilty in may of molesting kids kill girls during a sleepover with his daughters. the victims were ages nine and 10. an arlington county jury recommended a 22-year sentence. he was chairman of the falls church and city democratic committee from 2006 to maryland casinos
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raked in the money over the summer. the three casinos brought in more than $44 million in august. that is a little less than july. $48 million then. 73% of that revenue generated by the new maryland live! casino. 7 is on your side with morning with news of d.c.'s first west nile death. >> official sale an elderly man from royalties died from the mosquito-borne virus. an elderly woman from southeast is hospitalized. mellon reported its first death from the west nile virus last week. no deaths have been reported so far in virginia if. >> a big show tonight on tv, one hour fund-raising event called stand up to cancer will air on all major networks as well as cable stations. a lot of celebrities will take part. it's aimed at raising money to help prevent and cure cancer, right here on abc 7 starting at 8:00 this evening.
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>> time for a check of the weather. meteorologist adam caskey joining us. >> happy friday. >> it's going to be warmer around here today, a little muggy outside. changes by the weakened. saturday andafternoon and evening there will be some light rain. but it's worth it. let's start with a look at annapolis this morning. you can see it is still dark but there is the beautiful bright moon, but not in that frame, unfortunately. we have clear conditions. some of us are dealing with fog, especially in culpeper, only 1 mile. unlimited visibility at reagan national. 8 miles at dulles airport. where you saw rainfall yesterday is where dustfog is most likely
5:19 am
this morning. 72 degrees now district and 70 in winchester, 68 in frederick. pretty uniform temperatures. this morning, near 90 degrees. a few showers and clouds in parts of southern pennsylvania are coming to an end. they will stay to our north. later on today i cannot rule out one or two shots popping up, but predominately we will be dry. there's a cold front to our west that will hit us tomorrow and give us showers and storms tomorrow afternoon. 85 by lunchtime, 90 at 5:00 p.m. morrow, well into the 80's with humidity. showers likely in the afternoon. by sunday, and '70s for the high temperature on sunday and monday. i look forward to that, angela. >> i look forward to things continuing the way they are right now. of the
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friday morning drive. one exception is prince william county. the accident is on 234 northbound just on95after 95. it's on the median, but is attracting attention. an easy flow of traffic from 270 through gaithersburg, germantown, to bethesda, you should have no trouble. nor early congestion. the northbound side of 270 looks pretty good without any delays or friday morning commute. back to you. >> thank you. you have a trio of new amazon's kindle's to choose from on the market. >> rob nelson has details. >> amazon unveils three versions of its new kindle fire hd. a seven-inch at $200. and 8.9 inch at $300. and a 4g at $500.
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>> whilethe new kindle fire looks like a pretty good tablets. i did like the hardware design. they have upgraded it. it looks a lot sleeker. >> apple may be looking to take on pandora. reports say apple is in talks to license music to launch a customer a disservice of its own. there's a new interactive touch screen refrigerator that can warn you when food is about to spoil. it can even suggest cocktail recipes based on the items inside.
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anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a w world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to bld it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will
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happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. >> one ball, two strikes. the ball gets away from the pitcher. >> it is a little league play in the majors. supposed to be one of the most routine moves in baseball. he turns it into a game changer. those a back to the mound and that allows him to steal home. the braves win 1-0. they stay seven and a half games behind the nationals. >> atlanta wins. d.c. was against chicago. tim brant has more.
5:26 am
>> the nationals in the middle of the pennant race. the cubs are 34 games below 500 and are struggling to. the nationals were beating them last night. when it was evident the nationals would spank them, frustration took over. two on, one out. goodbye, baseball. the nationals. did not look nationals after that it was baseball time. no real punches were thrown, but the cubs frustration poured out. both bullpens emptied in the fifth inning. and the coasdance started all over again. this time there was some bumping and grinding. the nationals did not want to get anybody suspended but it made the game longer. the nationals win again, 9-2. o's beat the yankees.
5:27 am
the american league east is all tied at the top. have a great day. >> thanks so much. 5:27. the ravens and the family of the late art modell will have a silent tribute for him tomorrow. >> they will place his casket on the home field in baltimore from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. the lombardi trophy presented to him after the ravens super bowl victory in 2001 will be pleased by his casket. a card will be given to each person in attendance. fans are encouraged to wear the team's color, purple. died at age 87 on thursday. he brought the cleveland browns to baltimore in 1986 and remained majority owner until 2003. the news continues with "good morning washington at 5:30. >> president obama returns to the campaign travil after trying to convince owners to keep him in office -- convince voters to keep him in office. >> the truth gets buried in
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you're yellowing. crest 3d white whitestrips remove over@ten years of stains by going below the enamel surface. and, they whiten 25 times better than a leading whitening toothpaste. crest whitestrips. life opens up when you do. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> some local football players tackling huge problems off the field, accused of using prostitutes after an away game in north carolina. good morning, washington. is friday, september 7. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. let's turn to adam caskey as we look toward the weekend. >> is going to be much more comfortable by sunday. as we make the transition there will be areas of rain especially saturday afternoon. as for now, patchy fog
5:32 am
developing. 66 in bowie 67 in oxon hill. 69 in warrenton. reagan national checking in at 72. 90 this afternoon still above average. warm and muggy outside with a 20% chance of late-day showers. predominately dry today. that story changes tomorrow. now to angela. >> ticking on our key routes, looking at green. nice and easy. nothing in the form of congestion on 95 northbound. through the triangle area up to dale city, still under 30 minutes. from dale city and to the capital beltway, all lanes are open, 15 minutes. smooth sailing making the drive through howard county on 95 in maryland. from the baltimore beltway to the capital beltway, 22 minutes. the only trouble spot this morning is in dumphries. prince william police on the scene of the crash 23
5:33 am
northbound4. it's ion the median north of 95. back to you. >> thank you. our top story starting allegations against football players of damascus high school. >> they are accused of hiring prostitutes after a game in north carolina. jummy olabanji is live in hyattsville this morning. >> certainly not the news of the map a high-school football fans want to hear just one week after the season started. the washington post reports that five members of the football team have been removed from the team after hiring prostitutes when the team went to north carolina last week for football game. one of the parents of the players allegedly involved told the post that the boys hired three prostitutes from a call service in north carolina that they found on the internet. after the coaches did the final hallway check the boys snuck
5:34 am
the prostitutes into the hotel and some of them engaged with sexual activity. two of the players have withdrawn from the school. another two recommended for expulsion. a fifth player faces a disciplinary hearing later on this morning. the post reports none of the five players are starters for the football team. it's not clear how the coaches and the school found out about what happened. when there are contacted by the post, the head football coach and the principle both said they had no comment. reporting live in hyattsville, jummy olabanji. >> let's turn to the risk for the white house. the president returns to the campaign trail today after the conclusion of the democratic national convention. >> this is the first time he will campaign this year with his wife. vice-president joe biden and dr. jill biden will campaign.
5:35 am
>> as president obama accepted the democratic nomination in charlotte, he asked voters for another four years. >> you elected me to tell you the truth. the truth is it will take more than just a few years for us to solve challenges that have built up over decades. >> he told americans frustrated with his first term there are a term therepaths -- there are two different paths. >> we can give tax breaks to companies that open overseas or we can give incentives to companies that give jobs to americans right here. you might not be ready for diplomacy with beijing if you can't visit the olympics without insulting our closest ally. >> vice president joe biden also laid out attacks while defending the president's. >> this man has courage
5:36 am
compassion, and a spine of steel. osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive! >> the night was full of celebrities, performances, and tears as former congresswoman gabrielle giffords delivered the pledge of allegiance. >> liberty and justice for all. [cheers and applause] >> the president gave his same message of 2008 at the end of the night. >> i ask you tonight for your vote if you share that hope. >> the bidens are headed to new hampshire today. the unemployment rate is expected to remain unchanged. abc news, charlotte. >> we're learning more about the crash of a ride on brush which demolished the front of a house in silver spring.
5:37 am
-- a ride on bus. no mechanical problems were found. this is video taken inside the bus as the crash happened. it was most likely driver error that caused the crash. shot the driver said the brakes failed. but inspectors ruled out that possibility. he is currently on paid leave and will be interviewed next week. it is 69 degrees. >> still ahead get ready for delays on metro this weekend. find out
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>> this is ike leggett montgomery county detective right here in beautiful downtown silver springs to say good morning, washington. >> good friday morning. we do have patchy fog to start the day. temperatures in the 60's for the most part. dulles airport, 69 degrees reagan national is 72, 68 in martinsburg, 70 in winchester. sit on our way to 90 for the high temperature. that's above average. the average being 83. we will cooldown on the weekend. you will feel the heat and humidity today. isolated showers this afternoon. rain likely by saturday afternoon. widespread showers expected saturday afternoon and evening.
5:41 am
sunday is the payoff. behind the cold front we will have eyes in the upper 70's with total sunshine. sunny and harper seven these with low humidity by sunday into the early part of next week. now to angela with traffic >> . starting with a great news on the boats for the most part. if you have to travel through the district, there's a water main break northwest on georgia avenue at missouri avenue. does a little caution. there's a little slowing in that area. let's take a live look at traffic on 395. looking pretty good. especially northbound 395 from the beltway past edsall road heading up to crystal city, you should not run into any disruptions. 270 is a little slow through clarksburg past 109. that opens at gaithersburg.
5:42 am
moving and posted speed to the spur at. >> give yourself plenty of time on metro this weekend. red line trains not running between dupont circle and noma from 10:00 tonight until closing on sunday. there will be shuttle buses. orange line trains single- tracking between east and west falls church, between stadium- armory and cheverly. trains will single track between huntington and braddock road. that the yellow line. there will be no work on the blue or green. >> texas will soon open a stretch of highway with the highest speed limit in the country. a speed limit of 85 miles an hour has been approved for a 41- mile toll road that runs south from austin and will open in november. 5:42 is the time, 70 degrees. >> a bittersweet night for nationals fans. we have a look ahead
5:43 am
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>> here's what's coming up at 6:00 on "good morning washington." lighter moments from the democratic national convention including who pokes fun at clint eastwood >> . and what led kelly tickler to make such a drastic hair change. -- kelly pickler. >> and one has this mom dancing and her kids bus stop. those stories and more coming abets the top of the hour at 6:00 a.m. >> tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00, she is nearly one of a kind. we will introduce you to the only female motorcycle police officer in prince george's county. she is one of the few in the country. alison starling tells us why
5:47 am
this working woman has taken on the challenge of working in a nearly all male job and how she has become a role model for many. >> the arlington county school board heard an earful from parents upset over the new transportation policy. they blasted the plan that was announced two weeks before the beginning of the school year. the elementary students living within 1 mile of a school and middle school and high-school students living within a mile and a half must walk to school. parents say it is too dangerous. the traffic at these intersections is loud. the drivers are aggressive and nasty. >> it is not safe for kids. >> school officials say they will not abandon the policy but are willing to look at cases in which a walk to school could pose a safety hazard. >> tonight is your last chance to see steven strasburg on the mound at nationals park during the regular season. >> he's expected to make his final home start of the season
5:48 am
tonight against the marlins. john gonzalez has a preview for nationals park. >> a sellout crowd and a bittersweet night. we all know the nationals are playing extremely well. they are on a five-game winning streak on top of the baseball world. the a's pitcher will be seen by fans for the last time as he is continuing rehab. he's been shut down after 170 innings. he probably has one more start in new york after his elbow surgery last year. they're relying on a team doctor recommendations to protect an expensive arm for the future. something they also experienced with jordan zimmermann. this comes at a time when the nationals are serious contenders to go deep into the playoffs and even possibly play in the world series if you can imagine that. the team, which already has a talented pitching staff even
5:49 am
without steven strasburg herb, like the chance of moving forward. but it is hard to fathom possibly going to the playoffs without their no. 1 guy. reporting live, john gonzalez abc 7 news. >> still questions over how the fans using metro will get home if the nationals have played games during the playoffs. >> metro says to get an extra hour of service the nationals will have to put down nearly one of $30,000 down payment per game. some of that would be refunded. metro has not reached an agreement so far with the nationals. some fans are worried. >> it's ridiculous they don't have that in place. that could worry a lot of fans. >> hopefully a decision will be reached soon. the plea of starts in a month. checking news around the nation, a former illinois police officer could and the rest of his life in jail.
5:50 am
he was convicted of killing one of his wives. a jury found to peters and guilty of first-degree murder in the 2004 death of his third wife kathleen savio. he was charged after his fourth wife stacy peterson disappeared in 2007. he is a suspect in that case but has not been charged. he will be sentenced in november. >> lufthansa airlines cancelling about two thirds of its flights today. that will affect travel in our area. the canceled flights include three flights from dulles to frankfurt and munich. cabin crews of the german airline walked off the job at midnight? . both sides have agreed to call in a mediator to help them settle their dispute. one couple in custody after allegedly triggering a security scare on the u.s. airways flight. christopher was flying from philadelphia to texas when the flight turned back and found out he was the reason why. his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend called 911 saying that he was on the flight carrying liquid explosives.
5:51 am
>> prosecutors have a huge amount of discretion running for no charges all the way to federal felonies each carrying a five-year sentence. >> christopher shall was escorted off the plane at gunpoint. authorities determined he was the victim of a prank. when he later tried at dallas airport he was arrested on outstanding warrants including drug possession and more charges. >> neil armstrong's family did not release any details about the burial at sea, but they say this is how he wanted to be buried. there will be a public memorial service for the legendary as cannot next thursday at the washington national cathedral. -- for the legendary asked not. he diethere could be record advertising sales this year. >> thousands of workers from restaurants including at olive garden and red lobster are now suing over back pay.
5:52 am
let's say good morning to linda bell at blumberg in new york. >> let's begin with that. thousands of workers are looking to take the parent company darden to court, alleging a poemployees were paid below minimum wage and were not compensated for some time. you may notice improved customer service at best buy soon. the incoming ceo says the plan to focus on retraining workers. the electronics chain has been losing out to rivals such as amazon. the nfl regular sunday schedule has not even started, but sales of super bowl ads on fire. cbs is expected to announce slots are more than 90% sold out. they're going for as much as $3.8 million. that beats an average of $3.5
5:53 am
million during super bowl 86 in indianapolis. that's business news and bloomberg headquarters in new york. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. have great weekend. >> we will check in with adam caskey for the forecast. >> it will be a great sunday. saturday morning will be fine. you can do the early-morning exercise for everyone to do outside. by after 2:00 p.m. is when we will start to see the rain and showers and storms moving into town. it is with a cold front. the cold front will bring us relief from the heat and humidity. there will be chaos. -- there will be a payoff on sunday. there's patchy fog outside this morning a special in culpeper, 1.8 miles. charlottesville, 1 mile. unlimited at reagan national. if your neighborhood is prone to fog, anticipate that early this
5:54 am
morning. 72 at reagan national, 66 in manassas and culpeper and cumberland. hagerstown at 71 degrees. 90 this afternoon for the high temperature. it will be warm and muggy today with a 20% chance of late-day showers. predominately we will be dry. one or two little blips on the radar screen later on today in the form of isolated light showers. we have light rain north of the mason-dixon line this morning in southern pennsylvania. that has pushed off to the east. just some leftover cloud cover. we will start today very sunny. it will be much more pleasant than yesterday. off to the west is a strong september cold front moving our way. behind this front is noticeably cooler drier, less humid and more comfortable air that will move into washington by sunday. saturday as we make the transition is when we will have rainfall. we have two hurricanes in the atlantic.
5:55 am
hurricane lesley on the left. hurricane michael on the right. the center of circulation is well-defined in michael. this will not affect the u.s. mainland. they will stay over the ocean. some showers and storms tomorrow afternoon, 87. sunday, full sunshine, and '70s with low humidity. that trend will last into early next week. angela. >> only problems are on the trains. on marc trains and metro, a couple of notes. marc trains is experiencing switch problems. delays up to 30 minutes possibly on the brunswick line and penn line heading into union station. metro will honor your marc trains passes. on metro, warrenton and blue line delays. new carrollton and a largo expects allays with a disabled train at federal triangle.
5:56 am
been on alert. on the roads, on 270, not bad at 118. early delays for those traveling southbound between maryland and before 121. at 121 is before the delay opens. back to you. >> thank you. it is 70 degrees. >> we will look at the weekend box office with arch campbell
5:57 am
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>> opening on the big screen this weekend is one of the stars of the hit comedy bridesmaids' taking on another wedding movie. >> and spradley cooper has a role in "the words". >> "the bachelorette" is not pretty. he asked me to marry him. >> she led a group of minerals in high school. now the girl they love to pick on wants them in her wedding. it's worth two stars, rated r. it is like bridesmaids, but raunchier. and

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